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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Small Haitus

Friday I had a doctor's appointment.
I convinced my mother to take me because I'm in trouble and need help.

We got up there, they took my info and told me they needed to draw blood.
Drawing blood has always been stressful for me but it's just the initial poke and then I'm fine sitting there. I've always been like that.
But that day was different. That day I told the nurse "I need to lay down, I'm about to faint"
And I did-- but not before I had my first seizure ever.

When I came out of the seizure I passed out four times, one after another, seconds apart.
When I woke up I could hear my mother panicking saying "That was a seizure, wasn't it!? She seized!?" But I was in and out after that.

When I came to a bit more I was in an ambulance being escorted to the ER from the doctor's office.

I spent the night at the hospital.

They sent me home yesterday evening.

I'm still not myself. My heart is even weaker than before, my brain isn't functioning correctly and I have to nap a lot after trivial things like eating. Typing is a lot right now.

I received no answers from them other than I had a seizure and vasovagal syncope (apparently this is why I faint when I get shots- but doesn't explain why I don't normally get it when getting blood drawn)

I'll most likely be quiet here for the next week. I apologize.

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