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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Ongoing Haitus; Update


My condition hasn't gotten any better. I managed to get myself taken back into the ER by another ambulance. This time a nurse was here and called them.
To the left in this photo you can see the bottom of my cane.
I apologize how tattered everything looks, it wasn't a great situation.
The ER still had no idea what was going on. They "stabilized" and released me. 
I've been light headed so much, since I came back, that I can't walk without feeling like I'm about to black out again.
My cardiologist appointment was cancelled due to weather.
Things are very frustrating at the moment.
To be honest at the rate I'm going I can't help but to wonder if I'll whither away.

I do have *some* good news, though.

Not long after my last hospitalization I got help to get my pets taken care of (finally!)

Sandwich got a shaved and clipped nails. One of his nails had curved into his paw ): I was so worried when I found out. The vet said it wasn't bad enough to need any operations or sedation. They clipped everything up and he had such a quick recovery that he wasn't even phased before he got out of the vet's office.

(Apologies for the photo quality, this was the happiest photo though!)
Shortcake finally got "fixed" and had an easy recovery (however I cried like a baby when they took her for surgery, I was so scared and worried).

That being said the babies are finally back in my room with me again and they make me being as ill as I am right now a little better.
Sandwich can normally tell when something is very wrong with me and he gets as close as he can and refuses to leave my side.
Shortcake is constantly coming to check on me to make sure I'm okay.

It's scary right now and everything is very uncertain but at least I have comfort every now and then from these idiots. I'm grateful for that much.

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