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Thursday, July 16, 2020


My fiance and I have been playing Satisfactory recently.
It's not my type of game but I don't mind gathering/hoarding resources from the wild so he does all the factory type stuff and I bring plants/wood/natural materials back to help him unlock technologies.
Normally I stay at the base and micromanage everything, he goes out and braves the wild, so it's a pretty big reversal.

I don't get a lot of joy out of the type of game it is, admittedly, I'm more of a natural/medieval type of crafting/building game. Space/Futuristic is always so jarring and off-putting to me.
I just wanna nestle into a comfortable, peaceful hidey-hole and forget about my traumas.

What I *have* learned about this game is that it has no right to be as pretty as it is.
The world building, graphics and mapping makes up for anything that makes me feel like I'm way too far away from my comfort zone.

This particular set of images was taken after a long long long trek home from an adventure gone awry lol but that's how most of our adventures are. We get lost, stuck then fall to our deaths losing our inventories while one of us waits for the other to find us again to recover their things or we try to get back while carrying as much as we can without dying as well and losing both of our inventories in the process.

The past few days have been overly traumatic for me and I'm not ready to talk about it.
There's been a lot of tears, hyperventilating, over stressing and I'm currently just hiding in my games unable to create anything. And that's okay.

We haven't played Satisfactory in a couple days, we're shooting for today. I think we both just really needed a break to decompress after everything that happened.

If things go well and we play I'll try to take some more screenshots to share here. If not I'll show you the disaster I'm playing around with on Rimworld or other games. We'll see.

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