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Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Made a quick shop image for discord. Will probably eventually change it to something else but I figured I represent myself most so here's me being awful at 3AM
(I literally haven't touched a donut in months so idk- I just like donuts)

Today was bleh. I mean- it started out okay.
Home help paid me a visit... while I was asleep..
I missed their visit. They left a card for me. In my defense I had no idea they even knew I existed yet. They could have at *least* called me first. 'Specially since they're visiting from a city or so away.

I spoke to my mother for a while on the phone because I'm sending her my Wii. I don't use it anymore. I bought it to play with her and my brother. My brother played with me twice, my mother never played with me (even  though I literally bought like six games just so we'd have something to do together).

I left myself on hot mic and my fiance heard the details of what my heart is putting me through all at once in full detail and it ruined the rest of his night. He was very short with me and turned in early so he could stop thinking about everything and sleep it off. He doesn't deal well with anxiety.

I've just been sitting here ever since in the wake of things feeling guilty.

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