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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Closed Species : PuffPlush : Kit

KyttnxKisaragi at FurAffinity (I pop in every now and then but I am not posting normally there) released a free MYO for their species PuffPlush a while back. This is my second entry, right before the deadline because I'm an "adult".

This is Kit. She and Bonnie live on a farm together in the woods. Bonnie is Kit's girlfriend.
Kit likes to smith and craft with wood. They're also not opposed to getting shoulder deep in the mud if it helps the farm.
I still have a lot of fleshing out to do on these two but they'll have two different story lines because they're from a species where they're part doll. I imagine the species will have a strict universe they live in and rules where they live inside of it, etc etc.

I've been a tad quiet here because things are tough here at the moment. I still haven't received a callback from home help and things seem to be getting worse with my heart. Monday, the lady who manages help for me is going to call me back and check in to see if they ever contacted me and we'll go from there.. a third time : /

So I've been drowning my anxiety in Rimworld for the time being. I'll try to remember to post screenshots soon so everyone can see me hyperfixating on a pretty Rimworld map xD with my thousands of mods.

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